Our ministry vision is to serve the Lord proclaiming His Word about the sanctity and permanence of marriage and the power of our Lord to transform and change people's lives and marriages until the Lord takes us home.  We believe and practice that the Church must return to the teaching of the sanctity of marriage, teaching couples they are one-flesh, have made an everlasting covenant and teaching unconditional love to couples as they learn to become one with each other. We strive everyday to spread the Good News that Jesus Christ has the answer in rebuilding and reigniting love back into all marriages and is able to keep you in love forever with your spouse.

Dear brother or sister, the Word of God is clear! There is no biblical basis for divorce and our ministry cry is that you experience firsthand that nothing is too big for our GOD!  This ministry sow's God's Word into people's lives every day. We speak marriage restoration, faith hope and the power of our Lord God. We speak of God's unfailing love and faithfulness by God sending His only Son to die on the cross for all sinners, including your spouse. Make sure you are sowing God's Word into your marriage, words of encouragement, words of love, and yes words of life. Remember there is life and death on the tip of our tongue. We must make a commitment to speak words of life no matter what the circumstances are in our marriage.

Thank you for visiting inloveforever.org. It is our sincere desire to bring hope to your marriage situation regardless the circumstances!

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1) Calling individual couples and churches to return to a biblically-based, Christ-centered, and Holy Spirit empowered perspective on marriage, according to Gods original plan not man's plan.

Key Areas of Focus

  • Counseling
  • Certifying Couples to Counsel
  • Covenant Classes/Curriculum
  • Marriage Seminars/Retreats
  • Discipleship
  • Family Counseling
  • Sunday School Teachings
  • True Koinonia
  • Couple Accountability
  • Pre-Marriage Counseling
  • Pastoral Helps
  • Covenant Marriage Laws

  • 2) To network with couples and marriage ministries throughout the land, exchanging information and education, while developing couples, ministers and ministries to meet the needs of individual couples.

     Marriage is the only covenant in the Bible that allows two people to be perfectly joined in all areas of life, from the physical to the spiritual. Where else but in marriage can we find such sacredness and dignity placed together?  Just as the Word of God joined with the Holy Spirit brings forth life; so the union of a man and woman. 

    3) To speak with POWER and an inspired voice on marriage and family issues to the Church and the public.

    Men and women who come to Christ are not to walk in condemnation because of sin that destroyed a prior marriage. Divorce is "SIN". Gods provision for all our sins is Christ blood and the cross. In the case of remarriage, any marriage can be born again in Christ but the sin of past divorce must be repented of.

    Jesus said "whoever divorces his spouse and marries another commits adultery". Mark 10:11,12

    The sin of adultery is rampant in the church based on Jesus definition and needs to be cleansed of Christians lives.