Our Partners, our special Saints the Lord has sent to support our work to build, heal and restore marriages throughout the Nation and unto the World. Know that you are in our prayers always. Norma and I are here to help you in any way we can. We offer and encourage our partners to be trained so that you can also help with the work God has given us. Thank you and the Lord Bless you for your support! Now keep believing that the Lord will bring a Great Marriage Revival to our Land! Remember, "without God we can't but without Us He won't, we do the possible and God does the impossible."
                                                                          -Fred & Norma  Aguilar

Welcome to our Partners Portal. At the heart of this ministry is a strong desire for covenant relationships with all our covenant partners who show financial and spiritual support. In addition to this we strive to bring you excellence in ministry with the latest news updates, media content access, special gifts and teachings from our founders hearts. Please consider the benefits of supporting a ministry that is taking marriages back one couple at a time and please prayerfully consider partnering with us for $50.00 /mo or as the Lord leads you to give to the work of the ministry.

Covenant Partners of For This Reason Marriage Ministries Receive these Benefits:

  • Monthly Correspondence | Partners receive a Covenant Partner Letter each month, and from time to time special gifts and teachings.
  • Exclusive Media Content | Partners have exclusive access to all our events, media, teachings, and marriage materials.
  • Covenant Partnership | We have anointed teams on standby night and day ready to pray for you according to the Word of God.
  • Stand Against Divorce | For This Reason Marriage Ministries is on the front lines of protecting marriage in this country to ensure that marriage between a husband and wife remain at the foundation of our society.
  • Certified Marriage Counselor | We continue to look for the Holy Spirit to lead us to those partners that can carry the ministry message, are anointed of the Spirit and help to train the select few in nouthetic counseling and offer to help start home ministries to the hurting.



Thank You For Consideration in Partnering with this Ministry! Your Continued Support is Important to us! Please take a minute to contact us and Pastors Fred or Norma will personally contact you about your options to help: