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Our marriage was being torn apart by the very place that is supposed to keep it together- our Church. It seemed like in the blink of an eye our entire world came apart. One day we were a couple growing in ministry. I would admire the way my husband looked in his clergy attire and praise the Lord for the deep relationship he was establishing with the Lord. I was recognized and received the distinct honor of being set apart from the rest as a “ministers wife.” We were working in ministry and praying and tithing and seeing the manifestations of the Lord alive and active and working in our life every day, and then one day I woke up and there was such a strong betrayal of sin in the ministry, and that is when the fighting began. It got so bad that I would forbid my husband to take our 10 month old child to our church home. I suffered from a serious disconnection with God and my husband; which resulted in bouts of depression and bouts of RAGE, and the fighting became increasingly worse, and we began to live in a façade. On the outside, we were still respected as Minster’s, but on this inside we were falling apart. I protested, and demanded that we leave our church immediately and when he resisted- it was not good. Trust, and abandonment issues began to surface and we just existed in our marriage. Then one day the sin of the ministry was uncovered and I felt victory, but only for a slight moment, and then feelings of failure, and resentment, and guilt came in like a flood over us and instead of drawing closer to each other we each nursed our own wounds separately and failed or refused to communicate with each other. My husband threw his clergy attire away and I set out to find a new Church home to nurse my open, bleeding, and hurting wounds. Somehow that didn’t work, so for over a year I Church hopped. If someone made me angry or even resembled the place we came from I ran for the hills. I believe that I’m now a member of four Churches. One day when I could not take the fighting  anymore I reached out to our close friends, who then introduced us to Pastors Fred and Norma and in just one session we were given an Essential Key to begin healing, and it was so uncomplicated that it was brilliant- it was FORGIVENESS, and coming together to feed on the word of God. We had to learn to leave the world behind and live in our marriage as the Lord intended. We had to learn how to TRUST to receive and appreciate each other’s feelings, opinions and suggestions, and respond positively back to each other. We still have A LOT of work to do, and we are still working, but  Glory be to God with a reconstruction of myself under the mighty hand of God our marriage is soooo soooo sweet, and I bless God for it, and I’m thankful for Pastor Fred and Pastor Norma.     "CA"


As an engaged couple, we have found the teaching to be essential in helping us prepare for marriage.  Pastor Fred’s straightforward approach leaves no room for excuses, but encourages us to look to the Word as the final authority.     "TX"


My wife and I have had the privilege of knowing Pastor Fred and Norma for over 10 years.  We are both thankful that we have had the opportunity to attend Pastor Fred and Norma's marriage classes both before we were married and after.  The Lord has used them mightily in helping us understand God's plan in our own marriage and equipping us with the skills and knowledge to encourage other couples.  Rebecca and I have been certified as marriage counselors through Pastor Fred and Norma and are also board members with For This Reason Marriage Ministries.  We are so blessed that the Lord has allowed us to sit under Pastor Fred and Norma's ministry.  The passion, dedication, and love for Christ to be the center of every marriage is demonstrated daily in the actions of Pastor Fred and Norma.  The vision and passion that God has given Pastor Fred and Norma is without a doubt going to change this world.     "TX"


Thank you Pastor Fred for helping me stand when all I wanted to do was run from my wife and my family. We have followed your instructions and it has now been well over 10 years since we met you and Norma, thank you for your heart of gold and love for Jesus! And yes your love for marriages!!!!!     "CA"


Today is our anniversary.  And I want to say thank you to both you and Pastor Norma, we would not be celebrating together this day if it was not for both of your obedience to the Lord and doing what you do for the Body of Christ, thank you again and may the Lord continue  to use you both! 20 Years Today!!!!!     "CA"


Today my spouse told me he loves me again as he has been doing now for over 15 years since you told him he needed to do that everyday before going to sleep , little did I know then how powerful those words can be. Yes we still are not perfect but we are in love and WORKing on our marriage everyday, in prayer and study together! Thank you Pastor Fred and Norma!!!     "CA"


Years ago my husband walked out.  It was devastating.  I prayed and fasted then I was referred to you and Norma, WOW was that God or what. My husband soon came back home and has never left again, we are both so in love with each other, thanks to all the instruction, time, example and love both of you were to us!     "CA"


After my wife telling me that divorce was certain she had a Damascus Road experience after meeting with you and Pastor Norma, I would never had dreamed this possible for God used you both and now it has been over 5 years and we are still together working on our marriage, thank you for allowing God to use you both.     "TX"


I want to praise the Lord for all He has done for our marriage and want to thank Pastor Fred and Norma for their faithfulness in standing for our marriage and helping me first of all to understand the importance of marriage. They both were used of God to help my husband finally understand the love he had for the Lord and for me! Praise the Lord for Saints like you and Norma, thank you thank you thank you!!!  Thank you Pastor Fred and Norma for being willing to be God's tool in restoration. Our marriage continues to grow with the tools you gave us!     "TX"


I can still remember, the first time I walked into your home in Apple Valley, I knew I was at the right place. Then you and Norma spoke into my life and my marriage. Had I not gone that night our house would have gone up for sale the next day and I would have filed for divorce the same day. But that night you both gave me hope and two weeks later I was back with my husband, thank you for listening to God. God did have it all planned out.  Thank you for letting God use you to offer encouragement and direction.     "CA"


After years of separation, and my husband living with the other woman and a lot of struggles, he agreed to meet with Fred and Norma, a week after our first meeting my husband came back home with all his belongings.  We then continued to meet with them till they moved to Texas. We miss them very much but thank God for their time with us and all their counsel. We love you Pastor Fred and Norma!     "CA"




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