We have included our latest ministry material below to expand on our offerings.....
We train couples to become Certified Marriage Advisors (CMA), and we are active in Covenant Marriage Laws.....

Other areas of interest in ministry.....

  • Teaching couples to live in Victory
  • Teaching couples to communicate and appreciate one another
  • Teaching Couples how to get the very best from their gift from God
  • Teaching Couples about living in Financial Freedom
  • Teaching Couples to Disciple other couples
  • Teaching couples to keep the presence of the Holy Spirit in their homes
  • Teaching couples the importance of not forsaking the gathering of the Saints
  • Working with Couples to understand how to work with what they have, to get what they want
  • Teaching Couples God's plan for a fulfilling marriage
  • Teaching couples to receive the Lord's blessings
  • Teaching couples to build and keep a Christ Centered Marriage
  • Teaching and training couples to spread the good news by living it

  • Additional areas that are taught and trained in differences between men and women.....

  • Forgiveness Issues
  • Roles of Husband and Wife
  • Understanding Covenant Relationship
  • The One Flesh Relationship
  • Communication Exercises
  • What a Woman/Man Needs
  • Finance as a Couple
  • Getting ready to get married
  • Praying Together
  • Relational Baggage
  • The Sexual Relationship
  • Rededication and Renewal
  • General Responsibility